Welcome! I am Alex. Entrepreneur and Freelancer from Germany.

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Will be happy to help you achieve your goals with my entrepreneurial mindset and full-stack development skills. Equally happy just to chat and grab a coffee.

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Selected Projects

Full Stack Development

SAP Health WTM

Serverless + Full-Stack Development

When you are in the hospital or at a doctor, it is always stressful to not know how long you have to wait. We tackled this problem for a large hospital chain with Angular and AWS Lambda Serverless.

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Full Stack Development + BizDev

PreisGenie.de is a service that offers users Google Shopping ads at a discount. The front-end is a static website (StencilJS on CloudFront) and the back-end is using Lucene.

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Your Project

I will build your idea

I will be more than happy to help you with your goals and projects. I have years of experience both in software engineering and on the business side. Take a look for more details.

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