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As a full-stack developer with DevOps and serverless experience, I will help you building and running your project. And as an entrepreneur, I will make sure that no nonsense gets built and your business goals are achieved.

Use my years of work experience (SAP, intelliAd, Google, ConsultingBoard) and education (Hamburg, Harvard, Oxford, Sales4Founders) to turn your idea into reality.

"It's exceptionally easy for me to give feedback about Alex and his freelance work because there just isn't a bad thing to say. He did an outstanding job on the technical side and had always great ideas to improve the business and my startup. I can only wish that more people were as engaged. I can strongly recommend him and am looking forward to working with him in the future."

Boris Hoeflich

CEO and Founder of ConsultingBoard

Technical Skills

I have worked with a number of technologies and love to learn new things (both technology and business). Here is a list of the “hard” skills:



Back-End Development

Front-End Development


Get In Touch

If you think this can be useful for you, just say ‘hi’ via email. I will be happy to grab a coffee, talk with your or just even have a short call. Let me know :)

Selected Projects

Full Stack Development

SAP Health WTM

Serverless + Full-Stack Development

When you are in the hospital or at a doctor, it is always stressful to not know how long you have to wait. We tackled this problem for a large hospital chain with Angular and AWS Lambda Serverless.

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Full Stack Development + BizDev is a service that offers users Google Shopping ads at a discount. The front-end is a static website (StencilJS on CloudFront) and the back-end is using Lucene.

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Your Project

I will build your idea

I will be more than happy to help you with your goals and projects. I have years of experience both in software engineering and on the business side. Take a look for more details.

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