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PreiseGenie is a Comparison Shopping Service (CSS). It offers a fast product comparison search. And you can book Google Shopping Ads at a discount.

Tim Maenz-Siebje
Alexander Bassmanow

My Role
Full-Stack Developer
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Co-Founding a bootstrapped start-up offers amazing learning and growth experiences. Not only for picking the best technology, but - most importantly - for learning what sales is and how to do it.

The Project

The European Commission ruled against Google in June 2017. Google had to open its Shopping ads for other price- and product-comparison sites. They are called Comparison Shopping Services (CSS). PreisGenie is such a CSS.

Google has to act as one among many CSS and run this as a profitable business. As a result, Google keeps a margin of around 20% of CPC bids for Shopping ads. When you book Google Shopping ads with PreisGenie, you save this margin and get a discount on the same product:

The Technology


To offer a fast experience, we created a static website with StencilJS. StencilJS creates web components and is very similar to AngularJS, while being much faster.

I had a very good developer experience and can definitely recommend StencilJS.

The website is responsive (Sass) and the layout set in CSS grid.

Hosted on CloudFront, we achieved a pagespeed performance of 96% on mobile and 99% on desktop:


We wanted to create a blazing-fast search. First, we built a custom full-text search that ran in the browser of end user. Results appeared instantaneously. This worked very well till we had our first 500 products.

After it got to slow on mobile phones, we put the search on an EC2 server and behind Nginx. And migrated to Kotlin with Ktor (because we anticipated that we might need Lucene later). This performed well till about 10k products.

Therefore we replaced the custom search with proper Lucene and have not hit any limits so far.

In the future, one can replace the search server with GoLang and Bleve. If it becomes necessary.

The Impact

We are able to save a lot of money on ads for our customers.

And offer performance improvements.

And generate them more revenue.

And build a profitable business.

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Full Stack Development + BizDev is a service that offers users Google Shopping ads at a discount. The front-end is a static website (StencilJS on CloudFront) and the back-end is using Lucene.

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